The Process

We will be using the Plasma Enhanced Gasification System (PEGS) that was developed and patented by EnerSol Technologies, Inc. ( sixteen years ago for use by the Departments of Defense and Energy.  This system gasifies the organic feedstock converting it into synthesis gas, and vitrifies the inorganic feedstock converting it into a non-leaching slag.  The synthesis gas will be used to generate electricity to provide power to the system while the non-leaching slag will be used as construction fill material.


Greenleaf's primary target markets will be Resource Conservation and Reclamation Act (RCRA) industrial hazardous solid and liquid wastes as well as regulated hazardous medical wastes in the Houston-Baytown-Sugar Land MSA.  Houston is a leader in the oil and gas and chemical manufacturing sectors as well as home to the largest medical center in the United States.  These industries produce substantial hazardous waste streams that are problematic and expensive in which to dispose.

Our Initial Facility

The initial facility will be built at an estimated cost of $40 million.  Financing of the project includes a combination of $8 million in equity and $32 million in pollution control revenue bonds.  Its first full year of operations will produce a net income of $9 million.  Greenleaf is currently seeking equity investors who have an interest in protecting the environment while seeking a reasonable return on their investment.  Our investors can anticipate a return of approximately 35% per annum over the next 20 years.  The value of their investment should be approximately 6.26X by the end of the fifth year of operations.  More detailed financial information is available simply by contacting us using the form provided on this web site.

Our feedstock may include some of the following types of wastes:

• Controlled Commercial Waste
• Controlled Medical Waste
• Green Coke
• Hazardous Medical Waste
• Industrial Heavy Metals
• Industrial Waste Sludge
• Medical Waste
• Refinery Waste Sludge
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