About Us

Do your part to protect the environment with the waste destruction services of Greenleaf Waste Solutions, LLC in Houston, Texas. Our thermal conversion technology focuses on the destruction of wastes and produces electricity as well as other by-products.

The Threat to the Environment

Since 1970, the number of landfills in the United States has shrunken from 20,000 to 1,900. Many of these landfills were filled to capacity with solid waste. As coastal operations decrease, the cost of transportation will rise. The shift in public opinion, increase in environmental regulations, and demand for green solutions will make permitting more difficult.  


Providing the Fix

We are proud to provide the only long term stable solution for materials disposal. Save time by using the service that processes multiple forms of waste at the same time. You don't need to pre-sort or shred your materials. Our service provides a full destruction of a variety of raw materials, which eliminates environmental liability. The only byproducts of our technology are recyclable and non-hazardous.  

Many Benefits

In addition to producing electricity to operate the system and steam for other users, our system produces an inert, non-leaching slag.  We expect to produce and average of one pound of slag per one ton of waste feed stock.  With the production of our own electricty, our cost to destroy the wastes should be very competitive with the current market.  Our air emissions will be limited to the exhaust of our generator and the stack gas from our combination boiler and thermal oxidizer.  Both will burn syngas produced by the system and polished by the gas cleaning system.

Contact us in Houston, Texas, to use our waste removal service to dispose of hazardous materials.